Print on Paperang

Print anywhere without Internet. Print easy as "Share".


Features you love


Use your paperang as Polaroid. Just take a snapshot and get a printout immediately.

Voice input

The function requires the Google Voice Search application installed on your phone.

Print Service

Allows other apps to print to a portable printer. Use menu items such as print, share, send, open with.

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Upgrade to Pro

    Notice of use of the free version on print

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

The application exists in two versions. Paid and free versions differ only in the presence or absence of text about what is printed in the free version.

What payment methods do you accept?

All purchases you make in GooglePlay. There are no alternative ways to purchase a license. Violation of this item may be the reason for the removal of the application. You can of course give examples of applications that do not follow this rule. But I am inclined to believe that this is simply not a refinement of the moderators, and not permission to do so.

How can I buy a pro version of the app?

Type in Google Play search "Print on Paperang PRO" or click here.


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